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Edward Said Skit:

Verse 1:

When we pray we reminisce on the lessons from this life
we dream for better days free of oppression and strife
they, say we are free but thats the start of the lie
to cover up the tears from my heart to my eye
and every time a bomb drops I lose a part of my mind
In sight, in seems there’s no solution to my fight
they say the 67’ borders is the future of my plight
all things to all men from the rubble of my home
and we rebuild yet again as we struggle to go on
from the bank to the strip
the tanks and the clips
eradicates the futures as they flank of the kids
and the fighter jets roar as we stifle our cries
and think, we must we face deprival for life
in this war torn torture the culture is lies
we elect a new leader but the vulture in sides
makes factions between us as he ruptures our lives
and they film us, yes we are a sight to be seen
we are proud we are strong we are knights we are queens
we are one, we are many yet we fight to be free
and this rock is my courage and my will just to be
so when I throw it I do it for those killed under me
we have days when we live free of worry from the war
and we play in the street near olive trees by the porch
but when obama campaigned some thought the axis would bend
that the campaign of jets and apaches should end
but the pain still exists on new levels it hurts
and the good inside dies as the devil reverts
and I vouch to kill settlers with the rebels and mercs

Cornel West Skit

Verse 2:

See I’ve never fired a rocket but Ive seen them explode
we play war games on the street but they’ll be real when I’m old
I’ve never fired a gun but I’ve held bullets before
I’ve never held a trigger but I could pull it I’m sure
at school we learned history and stories weren’t straight
we learnt about the british, nineteen fourty eight
how my people were torn from streets and forced to flee
to neighbouring countries where we were taught to be
compliant, while they lived in debauchery
and they built the wall, while they stared down their sights
of sniper rifles which left us scared for our life
we went the UN but they didn’t even care for our fight
the resolutions meant nothing in the glare of their might
so we turned to extremists in despair for our plight
see your hollywood movies are rated eighteen
for the violence they portray when your facing the screen
but I was twelve, when a rocket first tore through my home
I saw blood, I saw bodies, I saw shoes on the road
with no feet to fit them I was confused and alone
and this is no exaggeration, in fact its understated
the figures speak for pages but the media undeplayed it
that ‘09 was a war crime to the highest degree
they use terror as a weapon so when they fire we flee
we are murdered in the hundreds it’s no wonder we stress
when suicide kills more in IDF
and we write our manifesto’s then we send them to you
the free of other nations just to tell them the truth
that we talk of just peace and we fight just to earn
our freedom and justice and right of return
so when you boycott and divest no change your’e changin the norm
like the quakers who emancipated the slaves from the dorms
alone we are nothing but together we dream
of a home for everyone wouldn’t it be better to be
in a world of mutual exchange and not indebted but free
but as the media regurgitates the factual guise
its harder for our ideals to actualise
and the practical flies out with the retractable lies
I hear stories of snipers who have taken out two
kids the same age as me left me shaken and blue
they were dead in less than a second dressed in the lead
7mm pierced the chest and the head
so tell me how are you failing to see
that was sows the seeds for this hatred to breed
that for the youth with no family no hope and no home
the guns provide us support so we can cope on our own
and we never forget the enlisted who would fall
in death we write the names of the victims on the wall
and know that their souls were lifted for the cause
I am unique in my essence no one is likened to me
like a phoenix from slumber I rise in the heat
and fulfill my ambition as I strike in the street
at the heart of oppression which has frightened the free
god is great, god is great is what I should to the tank
in my final moments if I’m allowed to be frank
for all of the hatred you instilled in my being
I forgive you it was not your will to be in
we all make choices, do not choose who to be
we choose how to act on whose to please
I am unique in my essence no one is likened to me
like a phoenix from slumber I rise in the heat
then fall back to ashes as I die in the street
as I die in the street
I fall back to ashes as I die in the street

Angela Davis Skit


from The Context, released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Joshua/Gurpal Hounslow, UK

The Context is the debut album from Joshua/Gurpal and Spiritual Gorilla Records.

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